petek, 08. april 2011


We have learned about other countries, we liked that we could prove that we aren't like they think we are. We were suprised at the fact that some students from other countries thought that we lived in caves and that we don't wear modern clothes and finally, we enjoyed it because our class worked as a team.
Fahrije, Uros, Adnan, Eva, Katja, Denis, Majda, Adelita, Azra.

torek, 01. februar 2011


In order to find out what we think of ourselves we carried out a survey.
These are the questions in the survey:
1. Is Slovenia big enough to be internationally recognized?
2. Is Slovenia underdeveloped country?
3. Are the Slovenians hard working people?
4. Are the Slovenians educated  ?
5. Is Slovenia a clean country?
6. Do the Slovenias eat  traditional  or modern food?
7. Do the Slovenians wear   traditional or modern clothes?
8. Do the Slovenians like sport?
9. What are the Slovenians like in general?
10. Are the Slovenians selfish ?
11. Are the Slovenians envious?
12. Are the Slovenians tolerant?


The most people think that Slovenia isn't to small to be internationaly recognized. Our survey has shovn that Slovenia is a developed country and the Slovenes are hard working and educated. A lot of people think thas Slovenia is a clean country and the Slovenes don't eat traditional food and they vear modern clothes. The Slovenes are good at sport. Many people think that the Slovenes are good, and that they aren't selfish, but they are envious, besides the Slovens aren't very tolerant.

What do other nations think of us?
The  following are some stereotypes on Slovenia sent  to us by the students from France.

  1. It's always cold in Slovenia, we wear old wear, the prices in the supermarket are low, we don't practise sport, we don't have a lot of technology.
  2. We are introverted, industrious and disciplined. Slovenes are still very open to foreigners, kind and hospitable.
  3. We are poor people. We are not very open to the world. It's a small country and they do not know much about it.
  4. Slovenia is economically successful country, having a very good cousine and wine abd we are very polite.
  5. There are many caves in Slovenia, maybe people live in caves.
  6. Slovenes like skiing .
  7.  We pollute a lot.
  8. The Slovenes are not good at football or any other sport.
  9. We are  an ex- communist  country and our agriculture is very traditional.
  10.  We are very athletic.

petek, 03. december 2010



Slovenian flag

Slovenia is in the heart of Europe and it's a member of  the European Union.
Our country is very small, it spreads on 20,273 km2.
Slovenia has 2 millions people and the capital is Ljubljana.
It is small, but it is beautiful; for example we have the Alps and Adriatic sea, there are many forests, fields in the country but industry is mainly in the urban areas.
 Tourism in Slovenia is very developed, people like sport and tourists can do winter and summer sports. Some of tourist spots are the Lake of Bled, Piran, the Lake of Bohinj, the old town of Ptuj .
 Even though the country is small, many famous people come from Slovenia :
Tina Maze - the alpine skier, Petra Majdič - the cross country skier, Martin Strel - the professional marathon swimmer and many other.

Postonjska jama
Ljubljana castle

Preseren monumet

torek, 23. november 2010


The name of our school is the Secondary School of Economics Ljubljana, or in short SUAS.

It is located in center of Ljublana which is the capital city of Slovenia . The school is near a fast food restaurant. The building is old and has four-storeys.
In the school there are about 800 students and about 50 teachers. We have a nice gym and  the school organizes many  after-school activities for the students. Our school programmes are economics assistant and business assistant.

CLASS 2EC: We are the students of class 2EC and  there are 5 boys and 15 girls. The most of students are around 16 years old. At the moment our class is winning the school competition. The students in our class like school trips, the snacks at the school, volleyball, football, basketball, music, dancing and singing. We have good results in football, singing, volleyball, writing songs.
What we don't like is getting up early.

that is our class

sobota, 13. november 2010

WELCOME by Tanja Rojc, the English teacher of the sudents at Suas Ljubljana, SLOVENIA

this blog is created for the Debunk Stereotypes project my second grade secondary school students and me are participating in. The theme of the project fits perfectly in the topic we have been working on  in our English class -countries and nationalities.
We all look forward to collaborating with other students around the world..
At the moment my students are preparing a presentation on Slovenia and our school.
Kind regards to all from

Tanja Rojc